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All Items will start at $1.  The auction will last for 2 days. At the end of the auction the time will reset if someone bids in the last 2 mins

Terms and Conditions of Buying

All buyers are required to register on-line and fill out the appropriate forms before buying.  One or two forms of payment via credit or debit card are required.  

Every item will be listed with a stock photo (or internet photo) and 1-2 photos of the lot (the item for purchase).  The lot will include what the retail of the item is, a short description of the lot, and the condition of the lot.

The condition of the product will be determined by Bid 1 Up.  We inspect every item to determine if the item is like new, opened box, or damaged. We do our best to determine if there are any pieces missing or if the product is damaged.  There is no guarantee that the item is like it was when brand new.  

Every item will be listed with a condition tagged to the lot. Conditions of the lots will be as follows:

Like new: The lot looks to have never been opened, minimal signs of handling, and tested for power. The packaging may have damage (the box it came in).  We do open every lot and inspect them. So, the box that the lot comes in will have been opened. 

Open box:  Box is opened to inspect for accuracy of description of item listed. Item is not fully inspected or tested unless otherwise stated. 

Damaged: Noticeable damage upon opening the item and doing a quick visual inspection.  The item may or may not work.   

Viewing items to bid on

The customer (you) does not need to register to view the items on-line.  You can view lots on a desktop, laptop, phone, or download the app from the google play store or the apple app store. 


To bid on an item, you must register to bid.  After you have registered, you will agree to the terms of sale listed for every auction.  All bids will start at a dollar and continue to be a dollar unless another bidder wishes to raise the bid higher than a dollar.  Once the bid reaches $100, the increments will increase to $5 per bid.  If the bid should reach $300, the increments will increase to $10 and above $500 dollars will increase to $20 increments. When the last 2 minutes of the auction is reached, if any addition bids are placed, the timer will be reset to 2 minutes.

Pallet auctions

Pallet auctions may or may not have a manifest of multiple items that will be sold in bulk.  These items will not include a condition of the items inside.  The pallets may or may not have damaged or used items in them.  (We may or may not add a valuable item to the pallet, that will not be on the manifest). 

Return policy

Any lot listed as like new or damaged may not be returned.  But any lot listed “Open box” can be inspected before leaving the building. If the lot is not as it is listed a full refund will be issued to the customer.  Pallet auctions items may not be returned.  No lots can be returned
once you have left the building.  Refunds will be credited back to the method of payment that was used to pay for the item.

Costs associated with the purchase

As with any auction there is a buyer’s premium.  The buyer’s premium is 15% of the purchase price plus 2 dollars.  For instance: if an item retails for $300 and you purchase it for $50 ($50 + $7.50+$2) you will owe $59.50 plus sales tax.  You still save just over 80% off retail.  (Sales tax is governed by the state and county of where the item is purchased)

Picking up your items

The customer will have 3 business days to pick up there lots.  No lots will be shipped and must be picked up at the store’s location.  Any lots going past the 3 day pick up period will be returned to Bid 1 up and resold.  Your money will not be refunded.  It is your responsibility to pick up the items.  You may call ahead prior the end of the third day to place the order on hold.  There is a $5/day hold price, and the lot will only be held for 2 additional days.  If the lot is not picked up by the end of 5 total days (withhold premium), the buyer (you) will lose the full purchase price (purchase price plus 15% plus two dollars) and the $5/day to hold the item.  

You as the buyer’s responsibilities

You the buyer are expected to know your own limitations when picking up items in the store or our parking lot.  We are not responsible for your injuries you may have from lifting items to heavy or not paying attention while browsing lots in our stores. You should ask for help
when lifting items that are too heavy.  We will assist you with getting items out to your vehicle.  We will be careful.  If you need assistance loading your lots into your vehicle, we will not be responsible for any damages to your vehicle or you while loading the item.  It will be the responsibility of the buyer to bring the appropriate mode of transportation to safely transport any lot bought from Bid 1 Up.  We will not help tie down or secure any item to the vehicle.  We will not help load any item to the top roof a vehicle.  We want our customers to safely get their items home without injuring themselves or others.  

No cash or credit card transaction may take place at the store location.  All transactions are done though our on-line bidding platform.